Woodcut of the Pawtuxet River Bridge in The Village of Pawtuxet, Rhode Island.

Welcome to The Bridge archive website! The Bridge is the official newspaper of The Pawtuxet Village Association and has been in print since 1986.


With the assistance of a grant from the Heritage Harbor Foundation, we have developed this online archive to allow you to search our articles, history and photos printed over the years, and learn more about the Pawtuxet Village National Historic District.  This archive project will make available all of the back issues you may have missed, or the ability to research the myriad of subjects contained in the The Bridge.


Instructions for search:


  • To begin, using the search bar located above, enter the word or phrase you wish to search on. The results will display in chronological order and by issue if no search term is provided. If there is a search term it will be displayed by relevance.


  • Using the "Sort results by" drop down, you are able to change the order your results are displayed. Options are:
    • Relevance --- displays stores based on how often a search word appears
    • Most Recent Issue -- sorts based on the latest issue of The Bridge
    • Oldest Issue --- displays results from the oldest issue with the search term present in our online archive


  • You can click on the link which opens the scanned newspaper view in a new window.


  •  Once you search inside the site, you can return to the main listing of results by using your browser back button, or returning to the open window listing those results.


  • Use "quotes" around specific phrases you are searhing on. For example use "Warwick Historic District" instead of just Warwick Historic District. The former search will return information about the historic district; the later will produce an output of all articles containing the words Warwick, Historic, and District.


  • For advanced search we allow you to compare two phrases using "AND" and "OR" as long as you put the phrases in quotes. Searching for articles with "Warwick" OR "Cranston" returns all the articles with either "Warwick" or "Cranston" in them while "Warwick" AND "Cranston" returns the articiles with both words present.


  • Sometimes when searching you want to filter out a value, you can do this using the "AND NOT." For instance you could be looking for "Warwick" AND NOT "Cranston", this would return all articiles with the word Warwick but not if the article also includes the word Cranston. A shorthand way to run do the same search is Warwick -Cranston.


  • Wildcards are allowed by using the "*" or asterisk. A search on "War*" will return articles with "War" or "Ware" or "Warwick".


  • For more complex searching you can use "NEAR" to find words close to each other in the text of the articles. In search for "Warwick" NEAR "Cranston" will return articles with the words "Warwick" in relative proximity to the word "Cranston" in their text.


 If you have questions or input to share, please contact us at pawtuxetvillageassociation@gmail.com.


 Visit our website: www.Pawtuxetvillageassociation.org




Woodcut of the Pawtuxet River Bridge in The Village of Pawtuxet, Rhode Island.